Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Epic Mom Fail

So...epic mom fail today,

In the hectic craziness of returning from Spring Break, playing a double-header in baseball on Monday evening, and losing power most of the evening last night, it escaped my attention that my DD's 2nd grade class is having their Easter party TODAY!

I was under the misguided notion that the party would be Thursday, and didn't realize the kids also needed a basket with 6 candy-filled Easter eggs.

A note - which DD did not give me - went out on Monday saying their Easter party would be this afternoon.

I did ask Monday evening if she had any homework or notes, and was told, "no."

I failed to ask the same question last night as we scrounged in the dark for flashlights, and ways to keep 3 kids from being bored out of their minds while the power was being fixed.

And I should have asked again this morning if there was homework or notes we had missed, but I forgot.

So this morning after power had been restored and children were off to school for a day of learning and running around with their friends, I was sitting on my couch, sipping tea and planning out my day when my sister-in-law called. My nephew was having his Easter party today and she needed someone to go with him and his class to the park for their Easter egg hunt. Could I go?

Sure. I have part of the afternoon free. No problem. And I asked aloud, "I wonder if DD is having her party today? She never said anything."

My sister-in-law didn't know about the other classes. At this point I SHOULD have called the school and asked the question. But I thought, will be fine. Maybe they were just doing the park trip a day early.

So 45 minutes go by and then I get a call on my cell phone from the school.

DD is in the office, bawling her eyes out. Their Easter party is today.

She has no Easter basket.

She has no Easter eggs.

She isn't going to get to hunt eggs with the rest of her class, and life as she knows it has ended.

The secretary is very awesome as she is gently explaining to me, and aside to DD, that the party isn't until the afternoon, so maybe Mom can come up with something before the party starts.

And thank God I am a pack rat. I have leftover plastic eggs from last year, plus their Easter baskets from last year collecting dust in my junk room. I tell the secretary to hang tight, I will be there in 15 minutes with a basket and candy-filled eggs!

After hauling it down to the grocery store to buy candy and fill the 6 required eggs, I rush to the school and hurry to the office to drop off the basket.

I ask if I need to take it to DD's classroom, and the secretary grins. "That's ok. I'll just put it over here with the others and take it to her classroom later."

So apparently I wasn't the only uninformed by their child/forgetful parent today. But I am ever so grateful to the people working at the school for being so awesome for our kids.


Friday, March 11, 2016

New Arrival

So, this happened yesterday!

So excited!

Hopefully we will be having a book signing soon! I will post about it again when I have more details.

Have a lovely Spring Break!!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

That Time of the Year

It's that time of year again. Baseball season is upon us.

My sons' start their first season of Jr. High baseball this afternoon, although as I write this post, I am listening to the rain pouring outside my window. So in all likelihood, their first game is going to be postponed and the season will actually start on Thursday.

Either way, I couldn't be more excited. Secretly, that is.

I will complain and moan to the other parents, to family, to friends and co-workers about the exhaustion...about the tedious schedule...about the cold/heat/rain/wind.

But deep down, in my heart of hearts, I love when my kids play baseball. Actually, I love when they play any sport. I love being at the field or in the gym. I don't necessarily sit with the other parents because I'm that mom. The "Yeller". I actually carry an enormous bag of suckers with me in the vain effort to stop myself from shouting.

However, keeping suckers in my mouth does little good. All I've managed to accomplish is make the younger siblings of the players happy by passing out candy, give myself a mouth full of cavities, and I still yell through 75 percent of the game.

I scream for every kid out there - whether they belong to me or not. I clap the loudest and the longest. I don't expect my kids to be the best players on the field/court. I just want them to try their hardest, to play their best, and hope they are able to contribute to the team....even if that contribution is only moral support for their teammates.

I love to watch all the kids play. See how they grow as players over the years, and how they come to together as a team as the season goes on.

Since this has been our first year of Jr. High sports, it has been an interesting transition. Football was an anxiety-riddled rollercoaster for me. My sons are not as big as some of the other kids in their class, and they are definitely not as big as some of the Freshman players they could have been facing.

But our coaches are very careful about playing similarly matched kids against each other.

Basketball was the same story.

My guess is baseball will be equally matched.

I am looking forward to this baseball season with secret glee. And my daughter's softball season this summer. And the boys' summer baseball season as well.

If anyone needs me, I'll be out at the field, sitting away from the other parents but still yelling my head off to the great embarrassment of my children.

Play ball!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just Another Day in the Life . . .

I went with my Dear Brother yesterday to help him move a tractor from our (my family's) ranch to my brother's house. It's about a 15 mile drive from my hometown to the ranch. I rode with him in the farm truck and then I was to follow him back to his house - located just outside of town - while he operated the tractor.

This seemed like an easy enough assignment.

While we were there, DB decided we might as well feed cattle, too.

So we pull into the lots and he starts honking. This signals to the cows that it's time to eat.

We wait a couple of minutes, with DB honking at 30 second intervals, but no cattle come ambling over the hilly terrain. DB decides they must be on the back side of the ranch, so he drives through a set of gates and we head out - to the west - on a bumpy, dusty trail to hunt down the missing animals.

We follow the fenceline on the far western perimeter of the pasture, watching for the cattle as we go. After a few minutes, we come over a rise and follow the trail as it curves to the east.

And there we catch our first glimpse of the cows - in a dead sprint toward the lots on the far eastern side of the pasture....of course.

So DB begins honking the horn in earnest; so much so that the horn begins to make a weird hrrmmmm sound.



And still the cattle sprint for the lots.

Finally, the lead cow looks up and realizes they are going the wrong way. So she cuts across the pasture, headed toward us. This is good. More cows follow her and trot our direction. We are getting closer and can see that we are missing more than half the herd.

DB continues honking, but no other cows appear.

The tired, slobbering animals have reached the pickup by now and are staring at us.

Where's the food? their eyes seem to question.

But until we find the entire herd, no one eats. So DB puts the truck in gear again and we take off across the pasture to the far eastern perimeter and continue to follow the trail until we get to the very back of the ranch.

No more cows.

The only logical place for the others to be is in the lots. The cow we thought was the lead cow was, in fact, just in the middle of the pack.

We turn around and follow the eastern fenceline, headed back to the lots, where we had also left the gate from the road into the pasture standing wide open.

Not good.

The cows trudging behind us are not happy. They slobber and puff and grunt and glare. I swear they were glaring at us. I could hear the angry cow mutterings. "We were headed to the lots in the first place. You made us run across the pasture, follow you to the very back of the ranch, and now we have to follow you all the way to the front of this place?! Those cubes (cattle feed) are sooooo not worth it!"

But they follow us into the lots, where the rest of the herd wanders by the feed bunks, waiting for us to arrive.

Where ya been? their stares seem to ask.

The cows who followed us don't even bother with bovine pleasantries. They march straight to the bunks, shoving the others out of the way, waiting for DB to dump the sacks of cubes.

Once the cubes were in the bunks, they dove in - with gusto - and none of the others dared get in their way. Every so often one would look up and glare again, like, stupid humans.

I just pointed at DB and mouthed, it was his fault.

But the cows got fed, and the tractor got moved, and so life goes on in our tiny part of the world.