Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rhinestone Cowgirl

It's official!!! Rhinestone Cowgirl now available!

What could make a city girl fall for a country boy? Debut author Denice Christensen invites you to find out!

After her big-city relationship goes sour, Tory Thompson is looking for a new career, a new location, and a fresh start. The last place she expected to land--or find love--was back in tiny Wheaton, Oklahoma. Without the windfall her grandmother left her, Tory would have nowhere to go when her life in the big city goes wrong. But the will stipulates that Tory has to work with her childhood crush, Dane. And that's a disaster waiting to happen...

Dane Eckland has a new landlord for his leased farmland—but Tory's not what he was expecting. He's already had his heart broken by one Thompson woman. All he wants is to keep his head down and work the land. But working with Tory stirs up emotions he'd thought long buried, and he can't resist the city girl's brand of charm.

Then Tory's past comes calling, and she has a new goal: prove she's a small-town girl, after all.

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