Monday, February 22, 2016

The Lucy Monster


So, last Friday a friend found out he has the flu. He has been under quarantine since then.

I have been checking on him regularly during this time, and it was decided on Saturday that his large, adorable monster dog, Lucy, should come back to my hometown - he lives 20 minutes away - to have a playdate with my mom's dog. He wasn't feeling well enough to play with her, and she is an extremely active dog who has massive amounts of energy to expend.

My kids, my mom, and I all loaded in the SUV to run errands in his town, and made sure the back of the vehicle was cleared out and a blanket in place for Lucy to ride on the trip home. After our tasks were complete, we stopped by his house to bring more food and medicine, and load the Lucy Monster into the car. At this time I was also informed that Lucy is shedding her winter coat, and my friend demonstrated this principle by running a hand down her back and a cloud of fur puffed into the air.

So, duly noted, Lucy is shedding like crazy.

All went according to plan as Lucy excitedly jumped into the back of the SUV, and began the process of sniffing everything in the car to acclimate herself to her surroundings. She settled in, happy to be going for a ride, and off we headed for home.

About 5 minutes after we started driving, Lucy remembered that she doesn't actually like to go for car rides and began to whimper in the backseat. 5 more minutes into the drive and she is pacing the small space in the back. The kids are sitting in the middle seat and all talking to her at once, telling her she's a good dog, petting her head, trying to keep her calm.

And this is when Lucy realizes that if they can reach her in the backseat, surely she can reach them in the middle seat.

Over the top she goes.

Huge dog lands on all three kids in the middle seat in a cloud of fur.

The kids are yelling and moaning as Lucy settles across their laps, as content and happy as she can be. Every time she wiggles or the kids touch her, more hair puffs into the air . . . all over the kids and all over the seats.

Every few seconds a kid yells, "Oh, good Lord, it's everywhere! It's getting all over me!"

Mom and I are laughing so hard in the front seat, we've got tears rolling down our cheeks.

And Lucy is perfectly happy. She rode that way to mom's house, and had a fantastic time playing in the yard with mom's dog once we got there.

The return trip was much more calm, as she had played herself out and was fine with riding solo in the backseat on her blanket.

Hopefully next time she comes over for a playdate, my friend will be bringing her in his pickup, or Lucy will not be in the process of shedding her winter coat. And she will be happy to remain in the backseat.

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