Tuesday, January 12, 2016



My posts are probably going to be pretty lame for a while until I re-figure out how to do this social media thing. I have spent several years away from the writing life, but am now reconnecting with my inner writing nerd.

And that is probably one of the first facts I will admit about myself . . . I am definitely a nerd! I've seen the new Star Wars movie 3 times, and I really wish it was about 10 more than that.

But on the flip-side of the nerd coin, I also admit to being a tech-no-nothing! I have zero technology skills. So my posts may be odd, or messed up, or just plain wrong until I get accustomed to blogging again.

Lastly, I have a book coming out with Redbud Press soon, a romantic comedy with cowboys and hometown antics and hot pink boots! Be sure to check back for more details as they emerge.

So, welcome!

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